Herbs to Make Your Hair Grow Long

Herbs are known to provide the body with a wide variety of different benefits. What many people do not realize is that herbs may actually be able to make your hair grow. One of the best things about taking herbs to make hair grow is the fact that it is very natural and it will not harm your body, unless you should happen to experience an allergic reaction. Before you find advertisements in the back of magazines that claim to help your hair grow quicker, you may want to first check out one of these different herbs that may help hair grow.


Many people believe that horsetail can help speed up hair growth. The reason is because of silica, which is also known to speed up the growth of nails. There are a number of different ways that you can take this natural herb. Some of the ways to take horsetail is to drink it in your tea, take it in capsule form or mix it with the shampoo that you will wash your hair with.

Birch Oil

Birch oil is another herb that is believed to help promote hair growth. This herb is often recommended to people who may be experiencing hair thinning, as it is also known to slow down hair loss. The best way to experience the benefits that this herb has to offer is to mix it with shampoo and apply it throughout the entire scalp, focusing primarily on areas that may be experiencing hair loss.


Gingko is believed to provide many different health benefits, including hair growth. The main reason that it is believed to be very effective at promoting hair growth is because it helps with circulation, which is essential. The best way for you to take this herb to experience hair growth benefits is in its capsule form.

Burdock Root Oil

Many believe that Burdock Root Oil is the most effective herb when it comes to promoting hair growth. The main reason is because it is known to help the body detoxify certain substances which may cause you to experience hair loss. Burdock Root Oil can be added to shampoo that you plan to wash your hair with or it can be mixed with other oils that will be applied directly to the scalp.

Horsetail, Birch Oil, Ginkgo and Burdock Root Oil are just four of the many herbs that are know to promote hair growth. Some of the other herbs that you may want to look into for hair growth include Rosemary and honey.

When you try out any herb, it is important to monitor for allergic reactions. Not only is this true about herbs in capsule form, but it is also true when you apply herbs to the scalp, even when they are in combination with shampoos. If you have been experiencing hair thinning, consider visiting a dermatologist. He or she may be able to recommend more natural remedies for you to try out or hair loss products, such as Rogaine or Propecia.

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