Hair Care Tips – Summer Hair care Protection Tips

Bathes, sun, shampoos with repetition, colouring,. the summer is one dangerous period for the hair which could well, with the re-entry, duty to undergo a good cut if you do not think of protecting them! It should not be forgotten that the hair is alive, and that vis-a-vis all that we make them endure, the summer on holiday, they suffer, the proof: they are dry, breakable, fourchus, with difficulty coiffables and rather terns! Then one takes again the things in hand, one protects them, one nourishes them, and one them bichonne!

To save your lengths and to limit the damage, on protects assiduously, on nourishes intensely, on remain lenient with our hair!

To start, will know that the cosmetics think henceforth of our hair! The solar ones are not only any more intended for the skin but are declined now in lines for the hair.

Here is a good news, our hair finally will be protected from the sun, every holiday!

Choose a product containing a filter anti-UV: oil, serum, cream-coloured, according to your tastes, knowing that there are some for hair, dry, coloured, normal,. The morning before leaving one or two good hazel nuts to the hollow the hand and one applies with the fingers to the hair and particularly the wicks most exposed or sensitive: the clearest wicks having the air desiccated.

In the majority of the cases, these sun oils for hair are known as waterproof, therefore in theory, not need for new application after the bathes, however, about the middle of after midday, when the sun is with the zenith think of coating your hair with new, better is worth a little too protected than desiccated!
Palm oil of Leonor Greyl , protective Suntan lotion of Franck Provost , nutritive oil very high protection , Rene Furterer .

Then, while returning to the house, one cleans the hair of sand, salt and oil with a soft shampoo. The coloured hair will be entitled to a shampoo more concentrated in pigments (shampoos for coloured hair), the driest hair with a good nutritive shampoo.

Shampoo with the marrow of bamboo of Leonor Greyl, Shampoo Glare After-Sun of Carita or capillary Milk washing of Cattier .

One finishes washing with a nutritive mask, after having carefully dried the hair, one applies the mask matches by wick and liberally. One lets pose at least 20 minutes even if possible, and one rinses with cold water for more brilliant hair.
Mask with honey and shea tree the Small Marseillais , Masque flowers of jasmine Leonor Greyl, Masque Techno for dry hair on sale at Dessange .

This evening you are of exit? Even after the mask, your hair can prove to be difficult to cap, then a hazel nut of serum smoothing or capping on the hair, rather than iron to be smoothed, one caps with the fingers and the hair is disciplined instantaneously and brilliant.
Silk serum sublimator Leonor Greyl, or Serum Massato shining .

And in the morning rebelote: solar protection and small nutritive ritual! And yes there are the hair which one deserves and a beautiful hair maintenance!
Obviously during the holidays, it is highly to advise to give up ceramic hair driers and plates, which will do nothing but drain more still capillary fibre! In any event this summer the fashion is with the “hairstyles décoiffées” for a look sauvageonne, and it is so much better!

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