Choosing a Hair Style for your Face Shape

Make the most of your looks by choosing a style that maximizes your best features. The first feature you should consider is your face shape – is it round, oval, square or long?

If you are not sure what shape it is then the easiest way to find out is to scrape your hand back off your face. Stand squarely in front of a mirror and use a lipstick to trace the outline of your face on the mirror. When you stand back you should be able to see into which off the following categories your face shape falls.

Hair Cut For Square Face

A square face is angular with a broad forehead and square jawline. To make the best of this shape, choose a hairstyle with long layers, preferably one with soft waves or curls, as these create a softness that detracts from the hard lines. The hair should be parted at the side of the head and any fringe combed away from the face.

Hair Cut For Round Face

On a round face, the distance between the forehead and the chin is about equal to the distance between the cheeks. Choose a style with a short fringe, which lengthens the face, and a short cut, which makes it look thinner.

Hair Cut For oval Face

The oval face has wide cheekbones that taper down into a small, often pointed, chin, and up to a fairly narrow forehead. This is regarded by many experts as the perfect face shape. If your face is oval in shape then you are able to wear any hairstyle you choose.

Hair Cut For long Face

A long face is characterized by a high forehead and a long chin, and needs to be given the illusion of width. Soften the effect with short layers, or go for a bob with a fringe, which will create horizontal lines. Scrunch-dried or curly bobs balance a long face.

Specific Hairstyle Problems with other face shapes

Prominent nose: Incorporate softness into your style.

Pointed chin: Style your hair with width at the jaw line.

Low forehead: Choose a wispy rather than a full fringe.

High forehead: Disguise with tiny tendrils of curls.

Receding or flabby chin: Select a style that’s just below the chin level and has waves or curls.

Uneven hairline: A feathery fringe will conceal this problem.

Widow’s peak: Here the hair growth in the centre of the forehead is lower than in the temple areas. To maximize the effect you should take the hair in the reverse direction to the growth. This gives the impression of a natural wave.

Cow’s lick: This is where on the forehead or neck the hair grows backwards and forwards at the same time. Clever cutting can re-distribute the weight and go some way to solving this problem.

Posted by Renata13-sep-2007
i want to see hairstyles for a square face with oval chin
Posted by Fran Camhy28-Nov-2007
I would like to see some hairstyles for long shape faces.
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