11 Most Popular Angled Bob Hairstyles Right Now

Angled bobs are for the daring and brave that is not afraid to show their creative sides. Angled bobs are also known as asymmetrical, where basically it means a bob is cut at different angles throughout the hair to create a more modern look.

Sleek Angled Bob Hairstyle

Angled bob hairstyle is smooth and sleek. The hair is full of body and shine while one side of the hair flows past her chin the other side of her hair remains a few inches shorter, creating the perfect angle.

Victoria Beckham Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle

This is a super sexy and sassy angle bob haircut for the celebrity Victoria Beckham. The hair is cut fairly short in the back. A side part is added to separate the side swept bang that flows smoothly into the angular cut of the style. One side is cut longer to show the asymmetrical side of the bob hair style.


  1. Most angled bobs look best when they are at medium or short length.
  2. An angled bob creates care free maintenance and a hip and trendy style that many people will want to emulate.
  3. The most popular form of angular bob is that of super celebrity and former spice girl. Posh spice also known as Victoria Beckham. Posh sets the example of how an bob should be worn.
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