See Today’s Most Popular Brunette Hairstyles Ideas

Brunettes are just as fun as being a blonde or any other hair color. If you are a natural brunette or maybe you are a blonde that decided to take a walk on the dark side. There are many different brunettes styles you can go for, usually in the cooler seasons like fall and winter, one will decide to go with a darker hair color. There are endless possibilities when styling hair for a brunette.

Short Brunette Hairstyles

The bob is always a winner, when it comes to a brunette hairstyle. One can never go wrong with a bob, especially a short cropped one or a medium one that frames the face and accented with low lights, is definitely and ideal look for a brunette.

Brunette Hairstyles Ideas for Medium Length Hair

Straight & Sleek-dark hair is always super sexy, when it’s shiny it has lots of volume and still looks smooth. The brunette straight and sleek look is an added plus, especially when you add highlights to complete the look.

You can go with these styles for long length and curly hair

Formal looks – Are you getting ready for a special event? Dark brown, chestnut brown, jet black, Honey brown, whatever color or shade you choose, chignons, buns, and elegant up do’s are always a great choice for brunettes , these classic and formal styles look great on brunettes and gives off a more define elegant and sophisticated look.

The best thing about being a brunette, there is no limitations on what you can do with your hair, so the list will go on ranging from short to long hairstyles as well as different textures and voluminous looks, short cuts and elegant upsytles all complete the look for a brunette hairstyle.


Sultry Waves are a soft and subtle look that still promotes elegance and style, and is an easy look to maintain and looks great on darker hair types, because you can really see how the waves define the texture of the hair and give more shape and body to the actual brunette hairstyle.

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