Gorgeous Bridal Hairstyles For Your Perfect Day

Remember that the key to a successful bridal hair style is simplicity. A heavily lacquered and hack-combed creation may look good going up the aisle, but what will it look like when you change into your going away outfit. A natural, soft style that is caught up loosely for the ceremony and then allowed to fall free later is ideal. We will guide you and give best tips and information needed for Bridal Hairstyles.

Bridal Hair styles for Long hair:

If your hair is long you could try a romantic and natural looking spiral perm or if your hair is shorter maybe you will just need a body perm for lift and bounce.

Hair Perming:

If you decide on a perm, four weeks before the ‘big wedding day’ is the time to have it, as this enables the curls to settle down, and gives you time to learn how to handle the new texture.

Curly Hairstyle Look on Wedding day:

If you want a curly look without a perm try using heated bendy rollers.

Deciding Your Bridal Hair Colour:

Two weeks to go and it’s time to get your hair trimmed and make sure that your hair colour is looking good. It you intend to have any high or lowlights have them now!

Choice of Bridal and Wedding Hair Styles

Firstly, remember that bride hair is going to be the focal point and you should make sure it is in perfect condition. Treat yourself to a series of intensive conditioning treatments. These can be done at home or in a salon, but should start at least eight weeks before the wedding. Next, it you intend having your hair style done by a hairdresser on your wedding day – don’t make that your one and only visit. Consult the hairdresser prior to the wedding and discuss your chosen hairstyle.

Take your head-dress or veil to the salon plus a sketch of the dress that illustrates the neckline details and if possible a swatch of fabric. Then you can work together to choose the perfect look.

If you follow the suggested routine you can be sure that your hair will be in tip-top condition and ready for styling on the wedding day to the look of a bride’s dream. The essence of a successful bridal hair style is one that will look stunning throughout the entire wedding day. In order to achieve a perfect wedding hair style forward planning is required.

Accessories and Tips

Bridal hair designs can incorporate a beautiful array of accessories. Circlets of flowers, braids bound with ribbons, strands of white pearls or traditional tiaras – the choice is yours. The bridal hairstyles show a softness and femininity that is a joy to behold.

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