Layered Hair Styles Ideas for Short, Long Medium Hair

Layered hairstyles are a great way to give your hair an added personality boost that the hair may need, to keep it looking fresh, clean and voluminous. Creating layers in hair give you lots of body and bounce and enhance the texture. Another great benefit of a layered hairstyle is that it accommodates all hair lengths and layered hairstyles are easy to maintain. There are different levels of layers that one can create on their hair, and still look flawless.

Short Layered Hair

If you have short hair, layers work wonders because layers give a short haircut definition and frame the face to bring out your best feature. Layered hairstyles also give a short cut body and bounce, so it will not give off a flat appearance.

Medium Length Layers

Medium hairstyles are great for adding versatility to obtain a certain look, and layers works wonders with medium length hair. Even if you have jagged or angled ends, the layers will give the hair style extra body and make your hair look fuller.

Silky Long Layered Hairstyles

Long layers are a great hairstyle to have, however kept in mind that not everyone will come out looking like a star with a long layered hairstyle. Depending on your face type, whether it is heart shaped, round faced or oval, you have to take into consideration if creating layers in your hairstyle, will give you a dramatic or a soft appearance. Oval face shapes are known to be the best face shapes for long layered hair.

Long layered hairstyles are great because they frame the face, as well as shape the actual hairstyle.


  1. Layered hairstyles can come in any style or shape, but they all serve one purpose to give the hair body and volume and create definition to the actual style and shape and frame your face.
  2. Highlights and lowlights are an added plus to any short, medium or long layered hair style.
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