Young Boys Haircuts Ideas That Look So Stylish

The best boys hairstyles are simple and low maintenance. Most boys love to be active and don’t want hair to get in their way, but boys hairstyles can still be stylish. There are good-looking but easy-to-maintain options for every length hair.

Medium Length Boys Hairstyles

This is a great utilitarian boys hairstyle because when the hair is messed up, the layers make it less noticeable.

For medium-length boys’ hair, a popular hairstyle is to layer the hair from between 1 to 2 inches all over (shorter on the sides, longer on top) with a short bang.

Short Buzz Haircuts for Boys

Every year parents are looking for some great haircut styles for their little boys. Many of the boys cuts are classic styles of the past. Some of them are the trendy styles we see in fashion magazines. Parents have an option of giving their sons either traditional styles, or some of the modern ones. Simply adapting some of the trends of the day, can deliver a cool short haircut for your son.

They will want to don one of the most trendy styles for their return to school. It’s a good idea to start looking now, for that perfect haircut. Finding one that not only compliments your son, but is also easy to maintain, is important.

One variation of the buzz cut is to leave certain areas of the head, such as the crown, longer, and spike them up with hair gel.

Longer Cuts

Longer hair for boys is currently making a comeback as well. Long shags are especially popular because their varied-length layers actually look better when they are messed up.

The long shag can be done with bangs or without and looks fine when air-dried naturally but can be blown dry for a more polished look on special occasions.

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It doesn’t matter which haircut you choose for your son. Each of these can be made original. Your boy’s own individual style and taste can be accommodated, easily.

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