10 Ultimate Low Maintenance Hairstyles for Naturally Curly Hair

10 Ultimate Low Maintenance Hairstyles for Naturally Curly Hair

Curly hair can be fantastically beautiful and yet at the same time a nightmare when it comes to maintenance if you don’t know how to go about it, and if you persist in going for the really-expensive-to-maintain variety. Curly hair needs a lot of moisturizing to fight the dehydration which can lead to dreaded frizz. So make sure you keep your hair well hydrated and using sulphate free shampoos along with regular conditioning.

Well if you have been wondering how to enjoy a curly mane whilst holding onto the better part of your savings, here are a few ideas:

Toss your mane into a simple side-part and hold away from your face:

This is often your best bet if you have tight curls as in the picture below. If the curls are long enough, you could simply let them fall in natural waves to frame your face, but if they are short, a few artfully placed pins may not be a bad idea.

Use your own curlers to maintain the curls:

Yes you absolutely do not have to call at the salon every time you need to restore your curls. You could simply sit at the dressing table, then split your hair into little parts. Take up each section of hair, run a comb through, then flatten it out to make certain the curls are completely gone, before using the curler to roll it again.

Blue Mohawk: Bold and Edgy

A daring mohawk with vibrant blue curls. Perfect for those who want to make a statement. Use a strong-hold gel or pomade to spike up the center. Embrace the volume! Remember to regularly trims your hair to maintain the shape, and color-safe products prevent fading.

80s Perm Revival: Retro Glam

Channel your inner ’80s icon with voluminous, permed curls. Think Madonna or Whitney Houston! Scrunch your curls with a diffuser and add hairspray for hold.
Care Tips: Deep conditioning keeps permed hair hydrated and bouncy.

Cropped Curly Bangs: Chic and Playful

Short, curly bangs that frame your face. A fresh take on classic fringe. Air-dry or diffuse your bangs. Use a curl-defining cream for texture.
Care Tips: Trim regularly to maintain the length and avoid frizz.

The Shag: Effortless Cool Curly Hairstyle

A modern shag with layers and texture. Ideal for wavy to curly hair. Embrace the natural movement. Use a sea salt spray for a beachy vibe.
Care Tips: Regular trims keep the layers fresh, and a silk pillowcase reduces frizz.

Remember, these styles celebrate your natural curls, so have fun experimenting!

Use anti-frizz shampoo:

This is where the expertise of your hair stylist comes into play. Don’t hesitate to find out from them the best hair products for your particular hairstyle as they have the necessary experience ¾ we hope ¾ to be able to guide you. Some hair products, especially some shampoo brands are absolutely dangerous to curly hair and can ruin it on first contact. So be certain of your products before you use them, unless of course you don’t mind if your mane ends up looking like a close relation of the kitchen sponge!

So yes, despite the salon gossips, now you know it is possible to have curly hair without having to sign up for financial aid.

Visitors Comments

 Yesha 25-April-2013
 ummm….i just love this hair and im thinking to this hairstyle i dont have any curly have i have straight hair so….do you think it would suit me?
 Tosha 5-Aug-2012
 I have really curly hair that is all different size curls and I hate it. I want a short or a little above shoulder length haircut. I round brush my hair and I use a flat iron, so I want something I can style myself but is in style.
 Peb 8-Aug-2012
 Heyy.!I have really, really curly hair& i don’t know how i should cut it to make myself look better. Please respond back because I’m going to be getting a curly haircut in 3 days & my mom says i have to decide by tomorrow at six, so i can let her know.! plz helppp.!
 Kira 28-June-2010
 i have curly hair that goes past my shoulders…
and i’d absolutely LOVE to have a SCENE cut … what do you suggest?? i found this pic on the web and i really like it… would this work?…oh and i will NOT BE BLEACHING MY HAIR… THANX!!!!
 Regina 13-Mar-2010
 Hi. I have extrmely curly hair and i was wondering if i could or should cut my hair scene?
 Regina 28-Sep-2009
 hi, i have long naturally curly hair that twists naturally into ringlets, how can i change my hair into loose curls please help?
 Yamila 11-Dec-2007
 hi! i wanna make one ask…how should i do to get a cool hair dressing if i have got a curly hair? please answer me!!!!!
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