Love Hair Bangs? See Latest Fashion in Hairstyles with Bangs

Gone are the days of long hair worn straight, a style popularly known as curtain hair. It is curtains to curtain hair as bangs are back, well with a bang. When we say bang, we don’t mean dull and lifeless hair just hanging along your face. These days you can try out many different types of bangs. Brow-skimming heavy bangs are right now a rage among teens, so too are short bangs. If it is any formal occasion that you can do with the ‘sideswept’ bang, a favorite with celebrities these days.

hair bangs

Bangs can give that contemporary, edgy look to any women with any kind of face and with any hairstyle for that matter. This is one reason why many men and women are sporting bangs in the first place. They have been a great way of creating a different hairstyle.

A bang can literally make the difference to your overall looks. There are many hairstyles that look lost if you were to not add bangs. There are tons of ways in which you can add bangs to give you that perfect look, whatever may be the occasion. Hair Bangs have been worn since time immemorial to all places, whether at home, work or even to the academy awards presentation.

Adding Bangs

Adding bangs would require a little bit of research on your part. It all basically depends on your facial shape. Different bangs are known to give better looks than others on different faces. It is as simple or as complex as that, depending on how you take it. For instance in the case of people with a large forehead and sharp chin, bangs that are combed straight down, look great.

If you are one of those lucky ladies who have a heart shaped face, then you can do with the classic side-swept bangs. They would go well with someone with a round shape as well. If you want to be a little bit more adventurous then you can also try out combining more than one bang feature. A good idea would be to mix n match choppy bangs with angled bangs for example.

Hairstyles With Bangs

When it comes to the number of hairstyles that you can try out with bangs, there is virtually no limit. You can run your imagination run riot with bangs. Learn more about Types of Bangs Hairstyles

Straight Bangs – Straight hair bangs are a hit with the younger generation these days. The hair is combined straight down while taking care to comb hair around the brows in this case.

Parted bangs are also extremely popular these days, particular at workplaces. You can either part hair a little off center or bang down the middle.

Choppy bangs too are a hit with the young crowd, since they add a touch of flair to your overall style.

Wavy bangs are in too these days.

Whatever may be the way you wear them, curly or straight or messy, bangs are sure to make heads turn. The key lies in choosing a style that would maximize assets while minimizing flaws. Once you find out what sort of style would suit your particular facial type, then you can go ahead with confidence and let your hair make a fashion statement – Bang, I have arrived.

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