Punk Hair Styles for Girls and Boys

Punk Hair Styles are not for everyone but are very trendy hair styles. We will guide you and give best tips and information needed for Punk Hairstyles. Punk took off as a mainstream fashion trend in the mid-70s. How do you know it’s punk? Well, using the defined term of the word Punk, it means defying societal conformance; the anti-thesis of fashion. Wild, unconventional hair is key to sporting the punk girl look. This may come in form of uneven, ratty, yet funky and cool cuts; loud colors dyed into some sections of the hair or having your crowning glory fully colored in artificial neon hues that may be reminiscent of futuristic movies or music videos. Punk Hairstyles consists of color, cut and style.

To be considered a punk hairstyle, there are several factors that one must follow. When someone sports the punk hairstyle it is usually a bright neon, pink, blue or any color out of the everyday norm. The cut is an important part of the of the this hairstyle, because it has to be cut a certain way to be considered as a emo punk. Some punk haircuts are asymmetrical as well as uneven and some punk cuts have the razor cut look but throughout the head the hair remains completely uneven.

80s punk hair cut

With punk hairstyles, you try to get as wild with your hair as possible rather it be sticking it up or letting it flow down wildly. When the clock stroke the 80s, hair became a greater part of the outfit. The punks used hair colourings and asymmetric hair styles of the 80s with great impact. Coloured mohawks, bleaching, colouring, teasing were all techniques used by many 80s punks.

The Mohawk

When you mention a punk hairstyle the infamous Mohawk is always discussed. The Mohawk seems to be the most popular type of hairstyle; it has become so popular that there have been other types of hairstyles that have been inspired by the Mohawk.

Punk Hair Styles Tips

Use the right products to give you the right look, from those that give volume, flatten, or super hold

Punk hairstyles will go with most any face shape

When going punk, don’t worry about how you look just worry about having fun and being free from society’s judgements

Our Punk Hairstyle philosophy: Wear what you want (make sure you do wear something though) and do your hair however you like

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